Good grief, Samsung—this TV has power and Wi-Fi 24/7, but you have to wait to install updates when I want to watch something? Why?!?!?

This morning’s silly dad song: 🎶 “Banana ooo na na, half of my breakfast is banana ooo na na…” 🎶

iOS 11.3 Beta 2 says battery capacity is at 87%, but it has shut down due to insufficient juice and is being throttled. So what—I’m just stuck? Even if I’d gladly pay $29 for a replacement? D’oh!

Did they just say “Azure Solution Showcase?” In an industry obsessed with TLAs, that was probably a VBI.

How a Microwave Should Work

I have strong opinions about the proper UI design for a microwave oven: The number buttons should just be numbers. Pressing the 2 button should not immediately start cooking for 2 minutes. If I want 2 minutes, I’ll hit 2-0-0-Start. I should not have to find a Time Cook button, or anything like that, before… Continue reading How a Microwave Should Work

Gun Control and Strong Encryption

In light of recent events, I wondered if anyone was making a connection between gun control and the regulation of strong encryption. So I googled it and found that someone had: me, two years ago. Related: why do so many news reports use the term “gunman” (emphasizing the noun; Google News has 2.49 million results in… Continue reading Gun Control and Strong Encryption