Backbone Reference App

This is a reference application built on Backbone, Marionette, and RequireJS (and also SharePoint, but don’t let that scare you away). It’s an example application, more complex than the many To-Do sample apps out there, but still simple enough for one developer to comprehend. I’m putting it out there as a resource.

This is not a finished application that you can drop in place and use as-is. You might be able to use it as a kind of boilerplate to jump-start your development, but it’s not really done with that in mind. And it’s not a library you’ll want to build on top of.

I really mean for it to be primarily a learning resource. I learned a ton of stuff building it, but I also struggled at times because I couldn’t find a resource like this. Hopefully I can smooth out the learning curve for someone else.

Check it out on GitHub →

By Jeff Garretson

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