Backbone Reference App

This is a reference application built on Backbone, Marionette, and RequireJS (and also SharePoint, but don’t let that scare you away). It’s an example application, more complex than the many To-Do sample apps out there, but still simple enough for one developer to comprehend. I’m putting it out there as a resource. This is not …

Frictionless Secure Information eXchange (FSIX)

Got a problem sharing PHI (or any sensitive information) with a coworker, in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way? FSIX is a web app where you can upload sensitive information and share it with other users. FSIX will keep the information for a limited time (up to 2 weeks) and then delete it. If you need something …


Intranet application portfolio. This one’s still pretty rough and not up on GitHub yet, but stay tuned.