Jeff Garretson
Meta Work September 23, 2022 Knowledge Work Meta Work is my term for everything from leadership strategies to individual GTD and PKM workflows—the stuff that transcends any particular domain of work. Some Thoughts on Report Usability September 22, 2022 Data & Design A usable report meets a specific need, clearly presenting the facts in a way that's appropriate for the user's context. Yachats Sunset September 7, 2022 Photos We love spending time on the Oregon Coast, and Yachats (pronounced like yaw-hots) is one of the best places BIML April 24, 2018 Data & Programming For certain use cases, BIML is pure magic. The best kind of power tools Banana ooo na na April 1, 2018 Humor & Music This morning’s silly dad song: 🎶 “Banana ooo na na, half of my breakfast is banana ooo na na…” 🎶 Super Love March 20, 2018 Music I just can’t get enough of “Super Love” by Zero Venture featuring Natalia Natchan. It’s EDM + J-pop + NES. It’s nerdy, sweet, and just so much fun Scroll Lock January 26, 2018 Technology I just figured out that the Scroll Lock key actually does something on Windows! Made me want to scream and burn Excel to the ground until I figured Why We Encrypt June 23, 2015 Technology & Security Bruce Schneier: Every time you use encryption, you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive. This is the clearest statement I’ve UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ immunity May 17, 2015 Security Ars Technica: The UK government has quietly passed new legislation that exempts GCHQ, police, and other intelligence officers from prosecution for I’m Terrified Right Now March 27, 2015 Knowledge Work Derick Bailey: I want this horrible, sick feeling because it means I care about what I’m doing. It means I understand that I can really screw this You Do Not Need Permission January 15, 2015 Wisdom Brooke Allen: You do not need permission to do the right thing. No one can give you permission to do the wrong thing The Reward For Good Work January 8, 2015 Knowledge Work Derick Bailey: For me, my work and my reputation are tied together. I’m not known for social graces, being easy to work with, or having the best How a Microwave Should Work July 21, 2014 Design I have strong opinions about the proper UI design for a microwave oven: The number buttons should just be numbers. Pressing the 2 button should not One in a Million is Next Tuesday July 17, 2014 Programming & Wisdom Larry Osterman: …very early on, back when I was working on DOS 4. We ran into some kind of problem (I’ll be honest and say that I don’t remember What I Want From Tech Support February 11, 2014 Technology I’ve been working with a software vendor on the same support case for 15 days now, and it’s driving me crazy. It would be unprofessional to rag on Windows Batch Gotcha: Use REM Inside IF Blocks July 2, 2013 Programming Normally I comment out lines in a Windows batch script by prefixing them with “::”—it just looks better to me than “REM”. But today I found out the Great Advice From Larry Wall June 5, 2013 Wisdom I just ran across this great bit of advice I got back in 1995 from Larry Wall, creator of Perl: Don’t get brainwashed by your education into A Haiku April 24, 2013 Poetry I have had a thought. This is the content thereof. Disappointed yet Time Limits on Browser Plugins? April 4, 2013 Security When Steve Gibson talked on Security Now 398 about how few users’ Java plugins are actually up-to-date, this question hit me: The problem with Better Questions April 4, 2013 Knowledge Work Organizational culture emerges from the process of answering questions. The answers aren’t necessarily articulated explicitly, but they’re expressed
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