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Jeff Garretson
When Low Tech Is the Best Tech Mar 18, 2010 Technology We’ve been thinking about developing a quick application to replace a paper HR process—should be a simple state machine with four possible states: The Enterprise Information Protection Paradigm Mar 2, 2010 Security It used to be that network infrastructure was one of an organization’s most valuable assets and security was geared toward protecting the Fun With Flowers Feb 22, 2010 Photos I borrowed my wife’s Valentine flowers for a while Saturday. This lily was a very patient model, and I had a lot of fun Recipe: Missile Burgers Sep 23, 2009 Food I was blown away by how good these are. I inherited this recipe from a friend. I can’t find it anywhere on the Web, so I’m putting it here. Enjoy! The Spam That Got Through Jul 27, 2009 Technology All of my company’s inbound and outbound email goes through a security service that scans for spam and viruses. From time to time I get an email Book Recommendation: Getting Things Done Jul 27, 2009 Knowledge Work Stressed at work? I highly recommend Getting Things Done by David Allen. The main thing I learned from GTD was how to manage my email—keeping my On Failing Successfully May 18, 2009 Wisdom Inspired by an episode of the “Ockham’s Razor” podcast: “I want to argue that failure doesn’t get the credit it deserves. If you want to understand