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Some Thoughts on Report Usability September 22, 2022 Data & Design A usable report meets a specific need, clearly presenting the facts in a way that's appropriate for the user's context. BIML April 24, 2018 Data & Programming For certain use cases, BIML is pure magic. The best kind of power tools Day-of-Week Differences in MySQL and MS SQL Server November 9, 2012 Data Heads-up! In MySQL, WEEKDAY('2012-11-09') = 4 (0-6 starting on Monday), but in SQL Server, DATEPART(dw,'11/09/2012') = 6 (1-7 starting on Sunday). Converting to Project Connection Across Multiple Packages in SSIS 2012 June 4, 2012 Data I’m migrating a Business Intelligence project from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012. Microsoft has, overall, done a great job with their Generating a Range of Dates in MySQL May 4, 2012 Data Working on a report from a MySQL database, I needed a table of all dates for the next year. With SQL Server (2005 and later) there’s a CTE/recursive