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You Do Not Need Permission January 15, 2015 Wisdom Brooke Allen: You do not need permission to do the right thing. No one can give you permission to do the wrong thing One in a Million is Next Tuesday July 17, 2014 Programming & Wisdom Larry Osterman: …very early on, back when I was working on DOS 4. We ran into some kind of problem (I’ll be honest and say that I don’t remember Great Advice From Larry Wall June 5, 2013 Wisdom I just ran across this great bit of advice I got back in 1995 from Larry Wall, creator of Perl: Don’t get brainwashed by your education into The Right Question October 25, 2012 Wisdom If you’re not asking the right question, then there is no correct answer. — Merlin Mann, Back To Work #41 Reminds me of I, Robot: “I’m sorry, but Impossible? December 17, 2010 Wisdom “I was young and crazy… I didn’t know what is possible and what’s not, so I did impossible things.” — Mart Laar, Prime Minister of Estonia 1992-1994 On Failing Successfully May 18, 2009 Wisdom Inspired by an episode of the “Ockham’s Razor” podcast: “I want to argue that failure doesn’t get the credit it deserves. If you want to understand