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Meta Work September 23, 2022 Knowledge Work Meta Work is my term for everything from leadership strategies to individual GTD and PKM workflows—the stuff that transcends any particular domain of work. I’m Terrified Right Now March 27, 2015 Knowledge Work Derick Bailey: I want this horrible, sick feeling because it means I care about what I’m doing. It means I understand that I can really screw this The Reward For Good Work January 8, 2015 Knowledge Work Derick Bailey: For me, my work and my reputation are tied together. I’m not known for social graces, being easy to work with, or having the best Better Questions April 4, 2013 Knowledge Work Organizational culture emerges from the process of answering questions. The answers aren’t necessarily articulated explicitly, but they’re expressed The Problem With GTD March 21, 2011 Knowledge Work I’m a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, but it suffers from one major shortcoming, at least for me: it offers some great methods for Knowledge Work: Marshaling Inputs March 16, 2011 Knowledge Work I’m beginning a personal project to help me manage the barrage of different inputs I juggle every day. I know I’m not alone in this, so I’ll try to Where Good Ideas Come From November 10, 2010 Powerful Ideas & Knowledge Work This is a great video from Steven Johnson about where good ideas come from Book Recommendation: Getting Things Done July 27, 2009 Knowledge Work Stressed at work? I highly recommend Getting Things Done by David Allen. The main thing I learned from GTD was how to manage my email—keeping my