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BIML April 24, 2018 Data & Programming For certain use cases, BIML is pure magic. The best kind of power tools One in a Million is Next Tuesday July 17, 2014 Programming & Wisdom Larry Osterman: …very early on, back when I was working on DOS 4. We ran into some kind of problem (I’ll be honest and say that I don’t remember Windows Batch Gotcha: Use REM Inside IF Blocks July 2, 2013 Programming Normally I comment out lines in a Windows batch script by prefixing them with “::”—it just looks better to me than “REM”. But today I found out the Lessons in Bug Hunting January 31, 2013 Programming Yesterday’s lesson in bug hunting: don’t assume you’re an idiot. I spent a few days trying to figure out why my success callback wasn’t being /time January 25, 2013 Poetry & Programming I wanted to GET a lot done today: /coding, /writing, &more; But try as I might, I got 302, and /time returned 404 Shipped! December 18, 2012 Programming I launched a new intranet application today. Nothing fancy, just a simple app to address a real need in my organization. Initial feedback has been