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Scroll Lock Jan 26, 2018 Technology I just figured out that the Scroll Lock key actually does something on Windows! Made me want to scream and burn Excel to the ground until I figured Why We Encrypt Jun 23, 2015 Technology & Security Bruce Schneier: Every time you use encryption, you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive. This is the clearest statement I’ve What I Want From Tech Support Feb 11, 2014 Technology I’ve been working with a software vendor on the same support case for 15 days now, and it’s driving me crazy. It would be unprofessional to rag on Washingsoft UAnix Oct 25, 2012 Technology & Humor Here’s another product parody Lars and I did in college: Washingsoft UAnix. This was born out of our frustration with the way the University of Microsoft Orifice Oct 25, 2012 Technology & Humor Aaahhh, the joys of Photoshop and free time. I just stumbled on this little trip down memory lane—a parody of a Microsoft Office box that my When Low Tech Is the Best Tech Mar 18, 2010 Technology We’ve been thinking about developing a quick application to replace a paper HR process—should be a simple state machine with four possible states: The Spam That Got Through Jul 27, 2009 Technology All of my company’s inbound and outbound email goes through a security service that scans for spam and viruses. From time to time I get an email