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Scroll Lock January 26, 2018 Technology I just figured out that the Scroll Lock key actually does something on Windows! Made me want to scream and burn Excel to the ground until I figured Why We Encrypt June 23, 2015 Technology & Security Bruce Schneier: Every time you use encryption, you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive. This is the clearest statement I’ve What I Want From Tech Support February 11, 2014 Technology I’ve been working with a software vendor on the same support case for 15 days now, and it’s driving me crazy. It would be unprofessional to rag on Microsoft Orifice October 25, 2012 Technology & Humor Aaahhh, the joys of Photoshop and free time. I just stumbled on this little trip down memory lane—a parody of a Microsoft Office box that my Washingsoft UAnix October 25, 2012 Technology & Humor Here’s another product parody Lars and I did in college: Washingsoft UAnix. This was born out of our frustration with the way the University of When Low Tech Is the Best Tech March 18, 2010 Technology We’ve been thinking about developing a quick application to replace a paper HR process—should be a simple state machine with four possible states: The Spam That Got Through July 27, 2009 Technology All of my company’s inbound and outbound email goes through a security service that scans for spam and viruses. From time to time I get an email